The Setting

As the Church struggles to keep six powerful nations from entering into all-out war, a grim tension covers the land. The barbarian hordes of the north attack the nations of Antea and Doland more frequently, and in greater numbers. In Amantus, stories of King Teld Aldwulf’s madness are told in hushed tones. Royalty and businessmen alike are being murdered in Granalene with the thumbs of the corpses missing. The communities of Indor have become more suspicious of outsiders than usual as entire tribes of thousands have seemingly vanished. In the capital of Karamina, the people push through their days, trying to ignore the recent frantic scurrying, and occasional psychotic outburst, of the clergy. And throughout all the nations, hallucinations of things beautiful and of things horrifying are becoming almost common.

As talk of secret cabals, beasts lurking just beyond the shadows, conspiracies and war spreads, many are suggesting that the end of the six kingdoms may be drawing near.

Six Kingdoms