Vanja Skau

Vanja Skau was a soldier for many years in Doland’s military. One day, upon returning from a scouting mission, she found the several dozen men and women who manned the border outpost along with her dead. The bodies had been mutilated, some looking as if they had been partially devoured. She was discovered several days later by a messenger. The bodies had been buried and Vanja was performing her regular duties around the fort as if nothing had happened.

During the next few months, Vanja suffered reoccuring nightmares and flashbacks, anger, guilt and depression. However, she still felt a strong duty towards the only lifestyle she had known. Using this sense of duty, she found herself back on the battlefield. However, this was shortlived as her rages grew in intensity, putting herself and her fellow soldiers at risk. She was removed from the infantry and began training as a medic, though she left the military shortly after when that, too, was found to be too much for her to handle.

Still feeling a sense of duty to Doland’s military, she found work as a weaponsmith’s apprentice. Over time, Vanja became good friends with the old man who ran the forge, and when she admitted to feeling restless he convinced her to pursue a job with the Church, explaining that the Church does much for Doland’s war against the barbarian horde and her sense of duty towards Doland can be fulfilled in other ways beyond the battlefield.

Reluctantly, Vanja struck out for Modina to find work with the church, hoping to find a way to not only satisfy her desire to serve Doland, but to find peace with her past.

Vanja Skau

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